Unit3 Transportation 知识点总结+巩固练习

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Unit3 Transportation 知识点总结+巩固练习

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Unit3 Transportation 知识点总结 1. 出行方式---by+交通工具 介词短语 动词短语 汉语意思 on foot walk 步行 by bus take a bus 乘公交车 by bike ride a bike 骑自行车 by subway take a subway 乘地铁 by taxi take a taxi 乘出租车 by plane take a plane 乘飞机 by car take a car 乘小汽车 by ship take a ship 乘轮船 by boat take a boat 乘小船 2. 物主代词 形容词性物主代词 名词性物主代词 汉语意思 第一人称单数 my mine 我的 第二人称单数 your yours 你的 第三人称单数 his, her, its his, hers, its 他的,她的, 它的 第一人称复数 our ours 我们的 第二人称复数 your yours 你们的 第三人称复数 their theirs 他们的,她们的,它们的 3.时间频度副词 always(100%)>usually(80%)>often(60%)sometimes(40%)>seldom(20%)>never(0%) 4. pick apples 摘苹果 5. have fun= have a good time 6. wait for 等待 7.ar ?[ɑ?] park 公园 car 小轿车 bar 酒吧 arm 胳膊 card 卡片 farm 农场 8. go to work 去上班 9. so lucky 如此的幸运 10. have a long way to go 有很长的一段路要走 11. on rainy days 在雨天 12. take me to school in his car用他的小汽车送我去学校 13. Venice 威尼斯 travel 旅行 gondola 凤尾船 desert 沙漠 camel 骆驼 walk a long time走很长的时间 Thailand 泰国 elephant 大象 carry 承载 sled 雪橇 be pulled 被拉着 14. Vnice -- by gondola desert--by camel Thailand—by elephant cold places—by sled 15. talk to my friends 和我的朋友交谈 16.read my books on the train 在火车上看书 17. in the desert在沙漠里 18. on the Internet 通过互联网 19. How do you usually go to shool? 你通常怎样去上学? I usually go to shcool by subway.我通常乘地铁去上学。 Come and enjoy the new film! 来欣赏这部电影吧! What do you do on the weekend? 你在周末做什么? A new film is on at Snow Theatre. 一部新电影在雪剧院上映。 Would you like to go with me? 你想和我一起去吗? There is no school here. 这里没有学校。 练习题: ( ) 1. In very _____ place, some people travel by sled. A. cold B. warm C. hot ( ) 2. _______ can carry three or four people. A. A panda B. A dog C. An elephant ( ) 3. Venice people don’t travel by car or bus. They travel by______. A. sled B. train C. gondola ( ) 4. My sister works in a ______. She is a teacher. A. supermarket B. school C. hospital ( ) 5. The sled is pulled by _______. It’s cold but fun. A. dogs B. cats C. elephants ( ) 6. In the desert, some people travel by_____. A. car B.camel C. bike ( ) 7. My father _____ me to school in snowy days. A. take B. taking C. takes 答案:1-5 A C C B A 6-7 B C 精品试卷·第 2 页 (共 2 页) "